Reveal Your Skills

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Reveal Your Skills campaign in 2022!

The strength of the Reveal Your Skills campaign is in making it happen together. This year over 300 different actors participated in the campaign by bringing out the joy in acknowledging skills through articles, videos, photo campaigns, events, discussion meetings and all kinds of exciting, skill-related activities.

This year one of the goals of the Reveal Your Skills campaign was to focus on skills that are built in different communities. Together we reached a varied group consisting especially of people in the workforce, students, people searching for employment, immigrants and retired people, and even prisoners, mental health rehabilitees, entrepreneurs and those in need of special support.

Thank you to everyone, who shared their tools for recognising skills for this campaign. The tools can be found through this page even in the future – remember to use them, as recognising skills does not end with this campaign. Let’s remember to appreciate our own and others’ skills, and praise ourselves and others!

SECLE organises the Reveal Your Skills campaign also next year between the 2nd and 8th of October 2023, during week 40. Let the planning begin! (press release in Finnish)!


The Reveal Your Skills campaign was organised for the first time in 2021. The host of the campaign was then The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the campaign was planned in co-operation with the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres and the Sivis Study Centre. More than 350 participants signed up!

The Reveal Your Skills campaign promotes the lifelong learning objective for Finland developed together by 30 key participants in Finnish society. According to the objective it is important that individuals and communities have the ability to make their skills visible and make good use of their strengths.